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Halite Version Released

Small bugfix release.

Changes + from v to

  1. Re-fixed Unicode.
  2. Fixed a bug with gigabyte sizes.
  3. Compiling with VS 2015 community.
  4. Splitter proportional size functionality enabled.
  5. Add torrent dialog box default size increased.

Download it from GitHub

Halite Version Released

This is a small release together with an upgrade to the latest version 1.05 of libtorrent. GitHub is now considered the primary source of file releases. I will maintain SourceForge as a mirror for the time being.

Changes from v to

  1. Updated to libtorrent 1.05
  2. Fixed a bug with Unicode.
  3. Displayed byte values auto format to KB, MB, etc.
  4. Global setting for specifying defult allocation.
  5. Big Russian translation update. Thanks maxdeepfield!

Download it from GitHub

Halite Version Released

After almost two years there’s been a new release of Halite. This is a bugfix release and well as upgrading to the latest version 1.03 of libtorrent. The update brings with it all the goodness Arvid Norberg has baked into his fantastic library.

Halite is now compiled with Visual C++ 2013 and Windows XP support has been dropped.

Changes from v 0.4.0 to

  1. Fixed a bug with portable mode.

Changes from v 0.3.4 to 0.4.0

  1. Updated to libtorrent 1.03
    • This is basically the monster change! Full credits to Arvid Norberg here for all the real work.
  2. Added support for Web seeds
  3. Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1j
  4. Updated to Boot 1.57
  5. Compiled with Visual C++ 2013
  6. Lots of bug fixes

Download it from SourceForge.net

Barnwars Released

We have just released our first game – Barnwars, a free two player, turn-based, tactical game for Android.

You can play using whatever method you and your friends prefer for keeping in touch; SMS, Gmail, IM, etc, they’re all supported!

Revision Chemistry Released

Our new free app - Revision Chemistry is now available on Google Play

This app covers Section 1 of the Irish Chemistry Leaving Certificate course and includes;

  • History of the Periodic Table
  • Discovery of the Atom
  • Structure of the Atom
  • Radioactivity
  • Oxidation and Reduction
  • Interactive Periodic Table.