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Barnwars just released

We have just released our first game, Barn­wars, a free two player, turn-based, tac­tical game for Android. You can play using whatever method you and your friends prefer for keep­ing in touch; SMS, Gmail, IM, etc, they’re all supported!

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Revision Chemistry on Google Play

Our new free app – Revi­sion Chem­istry is now avail­able on Google Play This app cov­ers Sec­tion 1 of the Irish Chem­istry Leav­ing Cer­ti­fic­ate course and includes; His­tory of the Peri­odic Table Dis­cov­ery of the Atom Struc­ture of the Atom Radio­activ­ity Oxid­a­tion and Reduc­tion Inter­act­ive Peri­odic Table. Fur­ther sec­tions of the syl­labus com­ing soon!

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Maths Solutions available on Apple App Store

Maths Solu­tions has been updated to ver­sion 1.0.1. This update intro­duces sup­port for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as well bring­ing improved type­set­ting to all sec­tions. The app is aimed at 2nd and 3rd level stu­dents. It func­tions as both a for­mula ref­er­ence and as a cal­cu­lator for com­mon prob­lems, provid­ing stu­dents with fully worked out solutions. […]

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Published first version of Maths Solutions

Maths Solu­tions Pub­lished I’ve just uploaded ver­sion 1.0 of my android app for help­ing maths stu­dents. The app is aimed at 2nd level and 3rd stu­dents. It’s both a for­mula ref­er­ence and a cal­cu­lator for prob­lems, provid­ing worked out solu­tions. Check it out here on Bin­ary Notions and on the Android Market

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