Aero Visual Styles

Using Vista Style Builder I’ve por­ted some XP Visual Styles from the incred­ibly tal­en­ted Swedish artist who goes by lassekongo83.

I can’t stress enough that this is his art­work, he very kindly releases it all under an OS license and I just did the port to Vista and Win 7.

Per­son­ally I did this out of neces­sity, I hate the default Aero theme that comes with Vista and Win­dows 7. I love all the Aero effects (glass and the likes) but as a UI it’s lacks sub­tlety and min­im­al­ism. So I decided to port some themes I really liked.


All these are to be found on my Devi­antArt page.


A new Win­dows 7 today. This is a bit of a depar­ture for me as it’s very ‘Aero Glass’. I aimed at it being min­im­al­ist so it uses small fonts and UI ele­ments more remin­is­cent of the Win­dows Clas­sic look than Aero.

The art­work for the con­trols is from lassekongo83’s NOSP VS, a style way more deserving of admir­a­tion than it’s name suggests.

Windows 7 Linear VS

Win­dows 7 Lin­ear VS


The most recent one is a theme I’ve called Slate for Win­dows 7. It is more ori­ginal than the other two I’ve made for Vista as it includes more of my own art­work. It is still primar­ily the work of lassekongo83.


Win­dows 7 Slate VS

Clean­Glass & Aur­iel 2

These two themes are for Vista, I haven’t yet updated them to Win­dows 7 but do hope to in the future.


Vista Clean­Glass VS & Aur­iel 2 VS

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