Activity States

There has been a bit of con­fu­sion as to what the states actu­ally mean so I’ll try and shed some light on this here.


In an under the hood sense, lib­t­or­rent knows only two of the state; paused and act­ive. The stopped state is exclus­ively a Hal­ite notion and tor­rent in that state are effect­ively frozen in a net­work­ing sense. While stopped a num­ber of tor­rent prop­er­ties can be changed but the vast major­ity of those changes don’t hap­pen until the tor­rent resumes activ­ity inside lib­t­or­rent. The broader or global play and pause com­mands, on a low level, are also lib­t­or­rent concepts.

User Man­age­ment

Some of the spe­cif­ics of how tor­rents behave depends on if they are man­aged or not. So I’ll dis­cuss non-managed tor­rents first.

Non-managed Tor­rents

When a tor­rent is paused no net­work activ­ity will take place; data won’t be transfered and track­ers announces won’t occur. In the event of an unclean shut­down of Hal­ite paused tor­rents won’t need to be rechecked. Act­ive tor­rents, either down­load­ing, seed­ing or fin­ished work away trans­fer­ring data and announ­cing to trackers.

Man­aged Torrents

Man­aged tor­rents in either the act­ive or paused states can be switched between those state by the lib­t­or­rent man­ager, see Man­aged Tor­rents for more details. Stopped tor­rent will remain stopped until the user manu­ally changes that.

Global Play and Pause

There are two ways to ini­ti­ate a global play or pause action; either via the tool­bar but­tons, or through the tray icon right-click menu. A pause is designed to stop all act­ive tor­rents. All such tor­rent will enter the paused state, and all data trans­fers will stop. Man­aged tor­rent will also not be resumed by the queue manager.

Per­form­ing a global resume will return Hal­ite to the state it was in before the pause, this means stopped tor­rents will not be affected, they will activate!

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