Managed Torrents

Hal­ite, through lib­t­or­rent, sup­ports queuing. Which means it makes sure that a lim­ited num­ber of tor­rents are being down­loaded at any given time, and once a tor­rent is com­pletely down­loaded, the next in line is started.

Tor­rents that are auto-managed are sub­ject to the queuing and the act­ive tor­rents lim­its. To make a tor­rent auto man­aged, set Man­age Tor­rent when adding the tor­rent or later from the listview right click con­text menu..

The lim­its of the num­ber of down­load­ing and seed­ing tor­rents are con­trolled via ‘Act­ive down­loads’, ‘Act­ive seeds’ and ‘Act­ive limit’ in ‘Global’ set­tings tab. These lim­its take non-managed tor­rents into account as well. If there are more non-auto man­aged tor­rents being down­loaded than the ‘Act­ive down­loads’ set­ting, any auto man­aged tor­rents will be queued until tor­rents are removed so that the num­ber drops below the limit.

The default val­ues are 8 act­ive down­loads and 5 act­ive seeds.

At a reg­u­lar inter­val, tor­rents are checked if there needs to be any re-ordering of which tor­rents are act­ive and which are queued. This inter­val defaults to every 30 seconds.


Auto man­aged seed­ing tor­rents are rotated, so that all of them are alloc­ated a fair amount of seed­ing. Tor­rents with fewer com­pleted seed cycles are pri­or­it­ized for seed­ing. A seed cycle is com­pleted when a tor­rent meets either the share ratio limit (uploaded bytes / down­loaded bytes), the share time ratio (time seed­ing / time down­loa­ing) or seed time limit (time seeded).


For example if there are 10 seed­ing tor­rents and 10 down­load­ing tor­rents, and ‘Act­ive down­loads’ is 4 and ‘Act­ive seeds’ is 4, there will be 4 seeds act­ive and 4 down­load­ing tor­rents. If the set­tings are ‘Act­ive down­loads’ = 2 and ‘Act­ive seeds’ = 4, then there will be 2 down­load­ing tor­rents and 4 seed­ing tor­rents act­ive. Tor­rents that are not auto man­aged are also coun­ted against these lim­its. If there are non-auto man­aged tor­rents that use up all the slots, no auto man­aged tor­rent will be activated.

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