Maths Solutions

Maths Solutions

Math for­mu­lae ref­er­ence and equa­tion cal­cu­lator provid­ing worked solutions.

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Maths Solu­tions is avail­able on the Android Mar­ket and for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPads on the Apple App Store.

Maths Solu­tions is an edu­ca­tional app aimed primar­ily at 2nd level math­em­at­ics stu­dents while also cov­er­ing a num­ber of 3rd level topics.

The app func­tions as both a ref­er­ence con­tain­ing a large col­lec­tion of use­ful for­mula and as a for­mula cal­cu­lator for com­put­ing fully worked solu­tions to com­mon exam questions.


Areas covered

This list sum­mar­ises the areas covered by Maths Solu­tions. To get and idea of how these top­ics are presen­ted one should check out the screen­shots.


  • Quad­ratic equations
  • Matrices and sys­tems of equations
  • Indices and logarithms
  • Factori­als
  • Per­muta­tions and combinations
  • De Moivre’s theorem
  • Bino­mial theorem

Length and Area

  • Tri­angle
  • Par­al­lel­o­gram
  • Trapezium
  • Circle
  • Arc and Sector

Sur­face Area and Volume

  • Cyl­in­der
  • Frustum
  • Cone
  • Prism and pyramid
  • Sphere

Sequences and Series

  • Arith­metic sequence or series
  • Geo­met­ric sequence or series

Area Approx­im­a­tions

  • Trapezoidal rule
  • Simpson’s rule


  • Com­mon Deriv­at­ives and Rules
  • Com­mon func­tion derivatives


  • Com­mon func­tion integrals
  • Integ­ra­tion rules


  • Mean and stand­ard deviation
  • Bino­mial distribution
  • Pois­son distribution
  • Stand­ard nor­mal dis­tri­bu­tion tables
  • Nor­mal Gaus­sian distribution
  • Student’s t-distribution
  • Chi-squared dis­tri­bu­tion
  • Con­fid­ence intervals
  • Hypo­thesis test­ing formulae
  • One-sample hypo­thesis testing


  • Unit circle
  • Tri­angle
  • Right-angled tri­angle
  • Com­pound and double angle formulae
  • Products to/from sums and differences


  • Vec­tor notation
  • Vec­tor operations
  • Co-ordinate geo­metry of line
  • Co-ordinate geo­metry of circle

Eco­nom­ics and Finance

  • Eco­nom­ics formulae
  • Fin­ance formulae
  • Com­pound interest
  • Annual per­cent­age rate


  • Peri­odic table of elements
  • Prin­cipal shells and subshells
  • Con­stants
  • Boyle’s and Charles’ Laws
  • Com­bined gas law
  • Ideal gas law
  • pH cal­cu­la­tions

Math­em­at­ics is uni­ver­sal, but Irish Leav­ing Cer­ti­fic­ate stu­dents will find the app par­tic­u­larly relevant.

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