Ser­vi­ce­Pro­files is a small power user tool to allow you to define dif­fer­ent ser­vice pro­files which you can switch between effort­lessly. What fol­lows is brief “5 minute intro­duc­tion”. Down­load links at end.

Ini­tial Screen

Initial Screen

After you start the pro­gram you’ll be promp­ted to save a backup file. This is highly recom­men­ded as it means you can revert back all the ser­vices on you PC to exactly the state they were in when the backup was made.

With that done you should find your­self look­ing at some­thing sim­alar the the above screen­shot. Any ser­vice pro­files you’ve cre­ated will be lis­ted in the top left sec­tion while a readout of the ser­vices cur­rently on your PC is on the right. Below is a small sec­tion with descrip­tions and some addi­tional details about each service.

As the only pro­file at this stage id the backup which is read-only to pre­vent acci­dental changes you’ll find that if you click around in the ser­vices list a new pro­file will auto­maticially be created.

New Pro­file

At this stage most of the lis­ted ser­vice will have been greyed out, this indic­ates that this pro­file will not affect those ser­vices if it is applies. Ser­vices which will be affected will have a tick beside them. For those ser­vices only two things can be changed as part of a pro­file, the act­ive state and star­tup type. Because you may only want to spe­cify for one of these to be affected the option is there to set the other to “(no change)”.

Import­ing Pro­files and Sub-Profiles

A guy called Charles M. Sparks, or most com­monly know online by his handle Black Viper, has put a lot of work into exper­i­ment­ing with ser­vices and see­ing just which one you can get away without run­ning while still hav­ing a usable sys­tem. I couldn’t hope to equal his work so I’m offer­ing here a down­load of his recom­men­ded “Safe”, “Tweaked” and “Bare Bones” ser­vice pro­file. Note these are UNOFFICIAL until I get his bless­ing to ship them offi­cially with the application.

Get them here black-vipers-xp-sp3 and import the file from the File menu. Hav­ing done select for example the tweaked pro­file and scroll down a bit to see what changes it will cause.

So what are we see­ing exactly. As before greyed out entries will not be affected at all by apply­ing this pro­file. Checked entries are all the ones the ‘Tweaked’ will affect. The blue enter­ies are inher­ited changes from the par­ent ‘Safe’ pro­file. This func­tion­al­ity to handle par­ent and child pro­file give you much bet­ter scope when cre­at­ing your own and greatly helps if you want a couple of pro­files which share a lot of com­mon changes.

Apply­ing a Profile

This bit is the easi­est. To apply all the changes spe­cified by a pro­file simply select it and click the play but­ton in the tool­bar. The events log tab at the bot­tom will report the suc­cess or fail­ure of the changes. If you see fail­ures to stop a ser­vice reboot­ing your com­puter is a good way to ensure it stops.

If you feel you did some­thing wrong or messed up an import­nat pro­gram simply apply the backup pro­file to restore things to the way they were. If the pro­gram for some reason doesn’t list your backup then you can load the file you saved it as from the options menu.


Ser­vi­ce­Pro­files 32bit (If unsure this is prob­ably the ver­sion you want).
Ser­vi­ce­Pro­files 64bit (For 64bit OSs)

Source Code (Boost open­source license)

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